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Baby names that are Boho, Earthy and Nature-themed Posted on 31 Jul 13:26 , 0 comments

With everyone going green these days, baby names that are boho, earthy and nature-themed are super popular right now.

Baby names that are Boho, Earthy and Nature-themed via including name ideas for boys and girls!

Why nature names?

Well, nature provides us with everything that we need for sustenance from the water that we drink and the food we eat to the air that we breathe. People are really inspired by the environment, and are more environmentally-conscious than ever.

Parents have a crucial role to play in the green movement and they get to do that by giving their children nature-inspired baby names. The significance of these earthy names is that the children grow up connected to the earth. They also learn early that they have a role to play in protecting the environment and their natural surroundings.


Nature-themed names for boys

    1. Forrest
    2. Bear
    3. River
    4. Wolf
    5. Reef
    6. Heath
    7. August
    8. Archer
    9. Kai
    10. Mars


Nature-themed names for girls

    1. Luna
    2. Aurelia
    3. Eden
    4. Olive
    5. Lavender
    6. Juniper
    7. Marlowe
    8. Hazel
    9. Flora
    10. Pearl

Easy DIY Baby Shower Flower Centerpieces Posted on 18 Jun 15:25 , 0 comments

Even if you’ve never make a floral arrangement, you can feel confident about creating pretty, easy DIY baby shower centerpieces that look top-notch. The best part? You can make many of these on any budget and with some common household items.

Use fresh flowers

Adorn your tables with fresh flowers for the base of your centerpieces and you’ll never be disappointed! Soft pastel colors like pink peonies are perfect for baby shower decorations, but don’t be afraid to experiment with cheery pops of color like yellow tulips.


Decorate a baby shower with mason jars for a girl, boy or gender neutral party via

Decorate a baby shower with mason jars 

For a country chic or rustic look, use mason jars. They’re readily available and everyone loves them. If you’re not sure what to do with your pretty vases and arrangements after the event, consider having a raffle at each table so the winner can take home the table’s centerpiece.

Easy baby shower centerpieces for home parties for a girl, boy or gender neutral party via

Repurpose household items for vases

Easy baby shower centerpieces can be made for home parties using household items, or items purchased from dollar or thrift stores. Vintage glassware, pottery and planters make for interesting conversation starters.


Baby Shower Dessert Table Centerpieces for a girl, boy or gender neutral party via

Add baby shower centerpieces for the dessert table

The dessert table is a focal point of any event with sweets! Why not make it memorable? You can spread out small flower buds or go big with one large dessert table centerpiece. We’ve featured quite a few on our @myinvitelady Instagram account lately if you’re looking for inspiration!


Easy baby shower centerpieces with fruits and flowers for a girl, boy or gender neutral party via

Add some fruit

This is a favorite for brunch baby showers… add sliced fruit to the floral arrangement vase. Sliced citrus like limes, lemons and oranges work really well. But you can always choose something seasonal like apples and blueberries.


DIY Floral Baby Shower Centerpieces for a girl, boy or gender neutral party via

Match your favors to the flower arrangements

Baby showers are all about celebrating the mom-to-be, but don’t forget about the friends and family joining in the pre-baby festivities. Send your guests home with the gift of seeds for them to plant in their own garden. You can even have them match the centerpiece flowers! We found some on Etsy from Vintage Blooming

Match your centerpieces to your theme!

We hope to have inspired you to realize it’s easy to create DIY flower centerpieces for any baby shower theme. Still don’t have a theme? Use your favorite flowers as your theme! Set the mood for the baby shower with invites to match your favorite colors:

Want more baby shower centerpiece ideas?

Here’s a few favs:



Bright and Sunny!  This optimistic centerpiece are ready for a cheerful baby shower.  Celebrate your precious little one by showcasing this attractive sunflower number.  Tagged it with a catchy gender-reveal phrase captured in memories.  This Lemon and sunflower inspired tandem brings out freshness and warmth. Pin it >



It’s a GIRL!  What better way to surprise everyone’s day than by announcing your baby’s arrival through your centerpiece theme?  This succulents-astilbe-roses trio is sure to bring a cute vibe to the baby shower.  A set of centerpieces to present an atmosphere of tenderness. Pin it >



Sprinkles are in!  Get the most out of your baby shower with a decorative cylinder vase full of sprinkles.  Adorn it with pink and white tulips to showcase purity and unconditional love.  This centerpiece can surely bring in abundance and a captivating sophistication.  Pin it >




A Tower like no other!  This sweet and elegant macaron packed centerpiece is one you and your guests will never forget.  Expect only sweetness from this heavenly filled pastry goodness.  A table top décor best for a surprise reveal.  Sweetness and love present in every perfect foot.  Pin it >




Ready to bring in elegance and class? Prepare a classic candle in glass for your baby shower.  Add a bright, earthy-green color with dried peas. Fill a third of the clear glass and watch how the white candle matches perfectly with the mixed greens.  Pin it >


These are just a few suggestions to make your DIY baby shower centerpiece look professional. Find more ideas on our baby shower centerpiece ideas Pinterest board.

Easy DIY Newborn Baby Photography Ideas Posted on 13 Apr 00:31 , 7 comments

We received an overwhelming response to the DIY Newborn Baby Photography Ideas featured on our Instagram account @myinvitelady. So much so, that we wanted to share even more tips and ideas to help you capture beautiful photos of your newborn - right at home. To help out, we’ve asked Jenna, a photographer and blogger at, to share her favorite newborn baby photo shoot tips. Enjoy!

Why attempt DIY newborn baby photo shoots at home?

The majority of new moms want to send cute baby photos to family, friends and coworkers. But, it’s not so easy to photograph a newborn baby. They squirm. They get hungry. They don’t sit up themselves. Most of the time they are sleeping. If you’re like most moms, the majority of your photography experience has involved people who voluntarily posed for a photo. Working with an unpredictable newborn baby can pose quite a challenge.

The good news? You don't need to hire a newborn baby photographer to capture the day-to-day life of your infant. Shoot shareable photos that will make even strangers "ooh" and "ahh" with these newborn baby photo shoot tips.


Easy DIY newborn baby photography ideas to set up your own newborn photo shoot from

Try a variety of newborn photography poses

You’re best photo shoot opportunity is with a well fed, burped and blissfully sleeping baby. But instead of putting your newborn down for a nap, set them up for a photoshoot. The first thing you’ll want to do is learn what poses your baby is comfortable sleeping in. After you find your comfort zone with a handful of go-to newborn poses, it will be easy to introduce props.

Ideas for poses include:
  • Laying on the belly, back or side
  • Propped on a pillow, stuffed animal or blanket 
  • Swaddled in a blanket
  • Resting their face on their hands
  • Folding their hands on their tummy

And before I forget: don’t be afraid to show a little baby butt. As a mom, you know every inch of your baby is cute. What’s not-so-cute is taking photos you’ll want to delete, “bleep” out or crop later. If you want to capture your baby’s bootie in a cute and professional way, lay the little one on their stomach or back with legs folded together. You’ll be happy to have a few of these photos when your baby becomes an adult. Maybe you’ll even share a bare-butt photo with their significant other one day.


 Easy DIY newborn baby photography ideas to set up your own newborn photo shoot from

Capture their facial expressions

After months of feeling your little peanut squirm in your belly, they’re out in the real world - where they keep on moving. Although a well fed and napping baby can help make a photoshoot easier, don't be afraid if their eyes pop open in the middle of the shoot!

Any facial expression from an infant will make for a cute photo. When they’re rowdy teenagers you will miss those cute newborn smiles and yawns. The trick here is to be ready at a moment's notice. Don’t be afraid to stop what you’re doing. Capture your baby blowing bubbles. Grab a close-up of their scrunched nose. Snag a shot of their soft eyelashes.


Take photos using natural window light

Any photographer will tell you that lighting is the #1 thing that can improve a photo. Working without any indoor lighting produces higher quality shots. Natural shadows are beautiful and help capture the contour of your baby. Working with an overhead light or lamp almost always causes the photo to have a yellow-hue. You don't want any lamps on at all. Just natural light.

To create an atmosphere with gorgeous natural lighting, turn off all the lights. You don’t need to have bright light shining from the window, but you do want a steady hand while you take the photo. Otherwise, your photo may end up blurry.

If you have a spot with natural light but you don’t like the background, I have a trick. Put a few dollars towards purchasing black or white poster board. Then you can take photos that concentrate on your baby and not any distractions going on in the background.

Easy DIY newborn baby photography ideas to set up your own newborn photo shoot from

Add creativity to the scene with props

Once you have pretty, natural lighting + a well fed baby + a few go-to poses, it’s time to add in imagination! Here are fun ways to get creative with your newborn baby photo shoot:
  • Buckets. Put the baby in a bucket. Make sure your baby is safe, doesn't have the ability to tip over, etc. Then fold their arms under their chin and let them sleep away while you snap shots.
  • Hobbies. Pick a theme that represents interests of the parents or family. Is it your cowboy boots? Love for tennis? Fishing? Another hobby? Think of a way to get some (safe) props to the scene. 
  • Wedding bands. Take a close-up of your baby’s toes with a wedding band on each foot. 
  • Soft things. Pho-fur blankets. Snuggly stuffed teddy bears. A sleeping puppy. 
  • Wooden blocks. It's become a growing trend to capture baby photos on the first of each month to track their growth. Find or make blocks / signs so you can practice your newborn photography over time. 
  • Accessorize. Style your baby with popular items like sunglasses, tutus and floral headbands.

Easy DIY newborn baby photography ideas to set up your own newborn photo shoot from

Join them - involve the rest of the family

There are plenty of ways to involve other family members in your newborn baby photo shoots. Big sisters and brothers can help hold the baby or give them kisses for a memorable photo. Adults can get in on the photoshoot, too. Little newborn cheeks fit perfectly in the palm of an adult hand, while their body can extend the length of an adult arm. Take a photo that draws a contrast between the size of adults and babies, and you are set up for success!

Your turn!

We hope you've enjoyed these newborn photography tips! Special thanks to Jenna from Sip Bite Go for the ideas in this guide. For more ideas, visit our new Instagram account @myinvitelady. We hope you make the most of your newborn memories and enjoy being a new mom. Lots of love!

The Dos and Don'ts of the Perfect Holiday Photo Posted on 29 Oct 10:09 , 0 comments

It's almost that time of year again!  Time to think about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, caroling, Santa coming to town and of course, the annual (and sometimes dreaded) Christmas card photo.

Taking the perfect family photo for your holiday card can be a daunting task, but we have gathered some of our favorite Christmas photography dos and don'ts to help guide you along the way.


Do: Find a Festive Backdrop

Holiday decorations not only make your home beautiful at Christmas time, they also make excellent photo backdrops. Take advantage of the holiday decor around you (Christmas lights, holiday wreaths, Christmas trees) and use them as backdrops for your holiday photo.



Don't: End Up as a Joke

Don't force things!  The last thing you want to do is take a photo that is stiff, fake and embarrassing.  You want your family to remember the fun that they had during the holidays, not how much they resented being forced to pose for the camera.  And you definitely don't want to end up in an awkward family photos collection!



Do: Establish Christmas Photo Traditions

A fun way to look back and see how much your family has grown and changed is by taking a photo each year in the same pose or location.  You can also create an annual tradition of taking the photo with everyone wearing santa hats or matching Christmas sweaters. You'll love seeing how the kids have grown each year when you look back through those photos.



Don't: Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember that the important thing is sharing holiday greetings with your family and friends, not worrying if you got the lighting is right, or captured everyone's "good side."  As long as your photo is showing the joy and meaning of the season, your perfect holiday photo mission will be a complete success!



Do: Capture Connections

With family coming together for the holidays, our thoughts turn towards enjoying time with our loved ones and celebrating the connections we have with each other.  What better time could there be to grab your camera and set out capturing special moments between loved ones?  You can even encourage family members to take selfies to commemorate the fun and festive time!  A fun side note on this card... this is actually Mr. & Mrs. Invite Lady (James & Shaina) enjoying dinner out while on a weekend away this fall! 



Don't:  Forget to Enjoy Yourself

While getting an awesome photo for your Christmas card is definitely important, you don't want to forget about the reason that you're taking the photo in the first place - the joy of the season and spending time with your family.  So put down that camera and grab a place by the fire to share a wondrous holiday with your loved ones!



Do: Seek Out Candid Expressions of Joy

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. Capture the wonder of the holidays by getting down on your child’s level as he or she gazes at the tree and other decorations. Photograph his or her expression and also focus the camera on whatever they are looking at to truly capture the magic of Christmas in a unique way.  Heck, even let them open a small present early and truly capture the wonderment and joy!  


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5 Fun and Simple Winter Baby Shower Ideas Posted on 26 Oct 14:33 , 0 comments

It may be getting cold outside, but we'll help you warm up with these 5 fantastic ideas for hosting a cozy and fun winter baby shower.

1) Super Sweet Hot Chocolate Bar

The best part of the holiday season is putting on your cuddliest clothes and snuggling up to your loved ones with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to keep you warm.

Spark a bit of nostalgia in your guests and put a fun twist on a childhood winter favorite with a DIY hot chocolate bar!


2) Custom Cookies to Match Your Theme

And what goes better with hot cocoa than some yummy cookies?  Wow your guests with a unique spin on the baby shower desert with cookies that are tailor-made to match your winter baby shower theme, like this "Let It Snow" cookie set from Custom Cookies by Jill.


3) Show the Joy of the Season with Winter Decorations

Spread the joy of welcoming your "little snowflake" with a winter themed shower decor, like this snowflake garland by Fanciful Chaos.

You can also create DIY winter decorations, such as  baby bottle snowflakes or these faux snow mason jar candleholders.



4) Perfectly Themed Winter Baby Shower Invitations

Let guests know that your "little snowflake" is on the way with an adorable winter baby shower invitation that will complement your theme and prepare guests for the winter wonderland that you have in store for them.


5) Fun and Simple Shower Favors

Show your thanks to guests for attending your shower by sending them home with fond memories of both your baby shower and some of that childhood nostalgia with these sweet and simple DIY baby bottle hot chocolate kits.  

No time to do it yourself? Or not a fan of the "baby bottle" style?  No problem.  There are plenty of pre-made options out there like these from Aunt Haybee's on Etsy.

Want more?  Be sure to check out our winter baby shower ideas Pinterest board, and follow us on Facebook for exclusive offers and giveaways.

8 Adorable Fall Baby Shower Ideas Posted on 22 Oct 10:26 , 2 comments

Autumn is an awesome time of year...we break out the snuggly clothes, the hot chocolate and pumpkin everything!

And with all of the rich, warm colors and flavors it's a great time for a baby shower.

These 8 simple (but creative!) ideas will show you how to take all the things you love about fall, and put them together to throw one beautiful baby shower!

1) Decorative Baby Pumpkins

Place a few of these sleepy, baby pumpkins around your party space. They’re almost cute enough to be swaddled and rocked to sleep!

To create: Simply tie a bow or place a baby hat over the stem, draw on the face, and cut out a small opening to place a pacifier.


2) Fall Baby Shower Invitations

Announce your fall-themed baby shower with a beautifully fall inspired invitation. “A little pumpkin is on the way” — and what a perfect way to celebrate it.



3) Fall Baby Shower Decorations 

These fall leaf candle holders are a pretty, but simple autumn decor idea.  They're also 100 % DIY!  Martha Stewart walks you through how to make gorgeous flaming foliage votive candleholders on her site. 


4) Fall Baby Shower Diaper Cake Centerpiece


A fall diaper cake is another great idea that can serve as a touch of fall decor, but this one is also useful for the mommy-to-be after the shower.  ReadyMadeDiaperCakes offers an adorable (and affordable) Little Pumpkin diaper cake that will match your fall theme beautifully.


5) Fall Baby Shower Table Decor

Have some fun with your table decorations by creating them yourself.  You can core out a pumpkin and place a small container (or tin can) filled with some water in the center. Then simply add some of your favorite fall flower, and voila!


6) Matching Fall-Themed Baby Shower Cake



Many of your local bake shops, or even online retailers can help you create the perfect cake for your autumn baby shower.  

Samantha's Sweets offers this adorable cake that will help you and your guests celebrate the impending arrival of your "little pumpkin" in yummy style.


7) Fall Baby Shower Appetizers 

Another great DIY shower idea is homemade snacks!  You can make these cute, pumpkin look-alike deviled eggs by garnishing with paprika and chopped green onions for little stems.


8) Fall Baby Shower Favors

Thank your guests for attending your autumn baby shower by sharing some fun (and yummy!) favors.  Simply fill up cute containers with some caramel dip, place an apple on top and wrap everything in cellophane with a ribbon bow to complete this adorable favor.


We hope you enjoyed these fab fall baby shower ideas!  For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards and follow us on Facebook.

Christmas Cards: A Long and Lovely Tradition Posted on 15 Oct 11:07 , 0 comments

We've all known the joy of opening the mailbox and finding a Christmas card waiting for us.  Just knowing that someone that you care about is thinking about you, and wishing you well during the holiday season can really brighten your day.

But, have you ever wondered how the tradition of sending greeting cards during Christmas got started?

It turns out that the very first Christmas card was sent in the UK, way back in the year 1843 by Sir Henry Cole to one of his close friends (and artist) John Horsley.

Sir Cole worked for the British government, and was very interested in learning how ordinary citizens could make better use out of the mail system.  He and his artist friend, John, got together and created the first Christmas card, which showed people caring for the poor, and a family enjoying Christmas Dinner.

The first Christmas Card, sent by Sir Henry Cole

Christmas Cards first appeared in America in the late 1840s, but most people couldn't afford them, as the printing process was so involved and expensive.

Then, in 1875, Louis Prang, a German printer, started mass producing cards so more people could afford to buy them, and in 1915, John C. Hall and two of his brothers created Hallmark Cards, which really got the Christmas card ball rolling!


Nowadays, cards come in all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of designs: funny, traditional (think Santa and his reindeer) or religious scenes celebrating the reason for the season.  There are even hipster Christmas cards now, for the not-quite-so traditional members of your circle.

Over the years, sending Christmas greetings cards to family and friends has become a much loved holiday tradition.

In fact, it has become such an ingrained part of American Christmas, that is on of the few holiday traditions that has withstood the test of time.  There are 1.6 billion Christmas cards purchased each year in the U.S. alone.

So what do you do with all of those cards?  There are quite a few creative (and fun!) ways to display your Christmas card collection each year.


You can add an extra, smaller Christmas tree for the season and use it to display only the holiday greeting cards that you receive from family and friends.  This is an especially fun idea for children, as they can feel like they have their own special tree for the holidays.

Another display option for your annual Christmas cards is to string a "clothesline garland" of faux cranberry sprigs, and attach your holiday cards with lengths of yarn and keychain rings.  This option is simple, cheap and can be used in homes with limited display room.  Not to mention, it's quite festive!

A more contemporary and stylish choice is a Christmas card wreath, made with clothespins.  This display option can be used on doors, or can be laid flat and made into a lovely candle holder and centerpiece for a holiday dinner.

With all of these fun and festive display options for Christmas cards, it's easy to see why they remain such a cherished tradition, and one of the few pieces of mail that people still take the time to send the old-fashioned way, as it really brightens the day of those receiving them and puts some extra joy into the holiday season!

Planning the Perfect Wedding Shower in 4 Simple Steps Posted on 19 Sep 11:23 , 0 comments

Whether you’re the sister or cousin of the bride, a bridesmaid or a colleague, if you’re throwing a bridal shower for the first time, it can be a daunting task!

But have no fear, we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide for you:

Follow these do’s and don’ts to make sure the bride’s big day is everything she’s dreamed of -- and fun for her friends and family as well.


Do: Think About What the Bride Would Like

For the bride-to-be, a shower isn’t just a party, it’s a day she will remember forever.  So, it's time get creative!

Think about the bride’s favorite foods and drinks, her personal style, the activities she enjoys, and where she likes to hang out.  

Try to incorporate those things in her shower theme. If she’s a glam girl, plan a “cocktail hour shower” with girlfriends, martinis, and passed appetizers. If she’s a more casual, outdoorsy type, plan a beach picnic instead.

Don’t: Do it Alone

Just because you’ve been deemed shower hostess doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.

Recruit some co-hostesses by asking your fellow bridesmaids, co-workers, or mutual friends to pitch in. Shared planning will not only spare your pocketbook, but your sanity, too!

For the smoothest division of labor, assign each hostess a different element of the party:

Invites and RSVPs, Menu, Games, Favors and Prizes, and Décor.

Most importantly: Don’t forget to include everyone who’s helping as hostesses on the invitation!


Do: Keep the Theme In Mind

Once you have decided on the perfect theme, be sure to incorporate the invites into it, so you can really show the bride how much you care!

Some popular theme wedding shower themes to consider are:

Season (Fall is a beautiful time for a bridal shower!)

Nautical (Always popular, and good for any time of the year)

Classic (Keep things simple with dress or ring related designs)

Glam (Show off the bride's glitzy style with some gold and glitter!)

Don’t: Forget Anyone!

You should ask the bride for her guest list, but before you do, think about whether you want to have a traditional bridal shower, which typically includes all female family members of both the bride and groom, girlfriends, bridesmaids, and sometimes even neighbors and co-workers. If you aren’t sure you want to host the entire clan (and yes, that’s OK), think outside the box and plan something that suits everyone.


Do: Include Registry Information

While it’s not typical to include registry info on the wedding invitation, it is perfectly acceptable to have it listed on the shower invitation.

Save guests a step by sending registry info to them right on the invite, which helps to ensure that your beloved bride gets what she really wants.

To avoid any possible confusion, be sure to include the bride-to-be's full name, or even the registry number, if the name is a common one.

Don’t: Forget the Thank You Cards

Here is yet another opportunity to tie in the bride-to-be's theme!

Ordering thank you cards that match the invitations is a nice touch that is sure to please the bride, and show her how much thought and consideration you put into the planning of her shower.

You can also use the thank you envelopes in a raffle to win a prize:

Set up a "raffle table" and have guests fill out their addresses, place them in a bowl (or other container) and they will be entered to win a prize.

It saves the bride-to-be from having to fill out guest addresses during wedding madness, and also helps keep track of who attended in a simple way.  This is a usually much appreciated time-saving tip.


Do: Make it Fun AND Personal!

The most interesting and enjoyable shower games are the ones that not only bring guests together, but also offer the bride a chance to create memories.

A classic and much-loved example is sending recipe cards (don't forget to match your theme!) with the invitations, so guests can share one of their favorite recipes with the bride-to-be.

She can save the cards, and they will give her something to remember the shower by, and cherish for years to come.

Don’t: Overdo It

While games are a necessary element of a bridal shower, unless the bride is a gung-ho competitor, keep them to a minimum. Stick with one or two, skip the ones that don’t have any special meaning, and leave time for the guests to socialize and relax.


The most important thing about planning a bridal shower is making sure the bride has a happy occasion, thrown by her nearest and dearest, that she will always remember.

In short, make it all about the bride -- but, with these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make it fun for everyone else, too!


Create a Wedding Memory Book in 5 Simple Steps Posted on 7 Sep 18:13 , 0 comments

Congrats on your recent wedding!

Now that the festivities are over, you are left with a million memories, and almost as many wedding cards from family and friends.  What to do with them all?

Wedding cards make wonderful mementos, so you don't want to leave them hidden in the closet.  

That's where this fun and easy DIY project comes in!

Create a Wedding Memory Book by following these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Find the Perfect Book


Look for a 3-ring binder or photo album that is large enough to hold all of your cards.

(Bonus tip: Try and find one that matches your wedding colors for an added "Ohhh" factor!)

 Step 2: Prep the Cards

Line the cards up with the binding rings in your book, and make a light mark with a pencil to show where the holes will need to be made.  

Then grab a pair of quality craft hole punches, and go to town!

Step 3: Don't Leave Out the Little Guys

If you have cards that are too small (or oddly shaped) to fit into the book, simply add a "pocket" page (or envelope with holes punched into the sides), and slip the cards inside.

Step 4: Place Your Cards


Once all of the cards are prepped with holes, clip them into your book.

(Bonus Tip: Place your cards in alphabetical order by giver, and you will have an easy way to find a particular memory!) 

Step 5: Final Flourish

Once your book is full of memories, add the date of your wedding (or a meaningful phrase) to the front with a metallic pen or sticker letters.

(Bonus Tip: Use ribbon or scrapbook stickers to add an extra touch of custom class!)

♥ And that's it!  You now have a personalized memento of your wedding day to share with family and friends, as well as enjoying many trips down memory lane. ♥

(Bonus Tip: This project can be used for any special event that you want to commemorate, including birthdays and baby showers!) 

Do you have a fun and simple DIY project that you would like to share with us, or feedback on this project?  We would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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7 Tips from The Invite Lady: Throwing the Perfect Boys Nautical Baby Shower Posted on 3 Jul 04:50 , 0 comments

Congratulations!  You’re expecting a baby boy, and you are ready to celebrate with your family and friends.  You’ve even decided that you would like to let the world know “Ahoy!  It’s a Boy” with a nautical themed baby shower.  Now comes the hard part, right?  Actually planning the shower.

The good news is, that with these 7 simple steps, you can plan the perfect nautical baby shower for your little man, and you won’t have to break the bank (or your back!) to get it done right.

Personalized Invites - Ahoy!  It's a Boy!

Tip #1: Setting the Mood of the Theme – Personalized Invitations  

You want everyone to know from the start that they are invited to a boys nautical shower, and there is no better way to do that than by setting the tone with a personalized nautical theme invitation!  With dozens of variations on the nautical theme, The Invite Lady has something for everyone. ♥

Tip #2: Continuing the Theme – Nautical Decorations  

Welcome guests to your nautical baby shower with themed decorations, many of which are DIY.  One of our favorite decoration ideas is a chalkboard set up with a welcome from the mommy-to-be and the little man on the way.  Simple, and even reusable for your next event!  You can also carry your nautical theme with simple coordinating bold colored napkins,  or add inexpensive accents like twine around the table cloth corners.

Tip #3: Wow Them With the Food – Nautical YummiesNautical Yummies!

This where the DIY lover can really shine!  There are some fantastic quick and easy ways to integrate your nautical theme into the food you serve to guests.  everything for deviled egg sailboats, to crab croissant sandwiches, or bagels striped with cream cheese to make them look like buoys.  You can find many ways to not only fill your guests up, but really wow them with your creativity.

Custom Ahoy! It's a Boy from Custom Cookies by JillTip #4: The Perfect Cake or Cookies
We can’t forget about dessert!  There are many custom cake and cookie creators online (in fact, we are going to feature some of our favorites in future posts), or there is always your local bakery.  There are many ways to find that perfect nautical theme dessert for guests to enjoy!  Some bakeries like Custom Cookies by Jill will even create matching cookies for ANY theme, and ship them to your door!


Make Bringing Diapers a Game for Guests - Nautical Diaper Raffle Tickets

Tip #5: Fun Meets Function – The Diaper Raffle
One of our favorite bits of advice for any baby shower is to host a diaper raffle.  This is always fun for guests, and helps to ensure that the future mommy is stocked with plenty of diapers for her pending arrival!

Tip #6: Leave Them with a Good Taste in Their Mouth! – Nautical Party Favors  

Don’t forget to show your guests your appreciation for attending by having some type of party favor on hand for them.  You can leave them on a table by the front door for guests to take when leaving, or you can “hand deliver” them during the shower.  Favors don’t have to be big (or pricy!), but they should come from the heart, and in this case, from the sea!  This could be something as simple as placing a few Goldfish crackers into a sandwich baggy with a cute matching tag.

Say Thank You with Nautical Themed Style!Tip #7: Say Thank You with Style – Matching Thank You Cards  

And of course, you don’t want to miss out on thanking guests for their gifts!  Show them your gratitude with an adorable matching thank you card.  The extra time and effort that you put in will really show those that you love that you appreciate their thoughtful present!

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you will be sure to host a nautical boys baby shower that will leave your guests happy and glad that they chose to attend. ♥

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