Literary Baby Names Inspired By Authors

Literary Baby Names Inspired By Authors

Literature has an important role to play in our lives. It shapes character and behavior as well as enriching our lives with knowledge and information. Parents looking to inspire their kids to greatness or instill in them great virtues and character traits are naming kids after literary baby names inspired by authors. It’s nostalgic, and will be fun for the kids when they discover they are inspired by great and influential literature pieces of our time.

20 Baby names inspired by authors via including name ideas for boys and girls!

Literary baby names for boys

    1. Byron
    2. Thoreau
    3. Anton
    4. Atticus
    5. Hermione
    6. Piscine
    7. Henry James
    8. Oscar
    9. Micah
    10. Oliver



Literary baby names for girls

    1. Scarlett
    2. Maya
    3. Anna
    4. Arya
    5. Lisbeth
    6. Esperanza
    7. Hazel
    8. Bianca
    9. Celie
    10. Darcy
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