Planning Your First Baby Shower

Planning your first baby shower? By the end of this post, you'll feel prepared and confident to plan your very first baby shower. This guide is written by event planner extraordinaire, Jenna Passaro from Sip Bite Go. Jenna is here to help you organize your thoughts and weigh your options.

It can help moms-to-be organize their thoughts about the type of baby shower(s) they want. It’s also a great resource for anyone throwing a baby shower for an expectant mother. Let’s dig in.

Basics to consider when planning your first baby shower

  • How many showers will you have?
  • Where will your baby shower(s) be held?
  • How many people will you invite?
  • Do you need to arrange food?
  • What’s the theme?
  • Want to play games? Will there be prizes?
  • Do you want people to bring books to the baby shower?

Now, let’s dive into some of these big questions. First, one of our favorites...

What's the theme?

The theme can guide many other decisions, starting with the invites. Nautical themes, baby BBQs, and baby animal themes are super popular right now.

Will you have multiple baby showers?

It’s more common than you’d think to have numerous events. Before making solid plans, consider if you will have one big baby shower or a few smaller ones. Many moms-to-be celebrate with multiple baby showers. If you come from a large family or your family lives in different states, you could easily have 2-3 showers. Sometimes a mother and a mother-in-law will throw different showers. It's also common to have a surprise baby shower at work.


Is a coed baby shower right for you?

The conventional all-women baby shower is a thing of the past. Just like weddings, baby showers come in all styles. All-female parties remain popular, but coed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular.

A fun coed baby shower theme is a "Welcome Baby BBQ". The Invite Lady's Baby-Q invites are perfect for this theme. You could do this in your backyard, at a park, or at a beach. It's low-key and can be kid-friendly if you decide to invite families to your event.



What baby shower games can you play?

Ice breakers at baby showers are always fun, and there are so many games to play. If you have daring friends and family, they might be up for "guess the baby food flavor." Just like it sounds, remove the labels from baby food jars and let your guests smell or taste them.

If your group isn’t into eating baby food, try something more traditional. The Invite Lady sells invites with matching baby shower bingo cards if you’re looking for a traditional ice breaker.

Where can you register for baby shower gifts?

You can register at places like Walmart, Amazon, Target, or Babies R Us. As an incentive, some stores give free goodie bags and coupons if you register in person.

BABY SHOWER baby book insert with gold foil by the invite lady

What do you include in the invite?

Once you set a date for your baby shower, it's time to order the invites. Check out The Invite Lady's cute baby shower invitations to find the one that's right for you. In the invites, include all the details for the event and list information for your baby registry. You can also encourage guests to bring books to your baby shower by including a book insert in the invitation. We offer matching invites and book inserts. The gold confetti baby book insert above is one of our top-sellers.

Don’t sweat planning your first baby shower

While The Invite Lady can’t help draft your guest list, you can find a ton of cute and affordable baby shower invites and baby shower games on this site for any theme.

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