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Special Event Tips and Tricks From The Invite Lady

Real Talk with a Real Bossbabe Posted on 20 May 21:58 , 0 comments

This week, I had the pleasure to have a little chat with Shaina, the owner and creative eye behind The Invite Lady. 

Shaina is the definition of a Bossbabe. She is an amazing boss to her employees and works so hard despite living with Lupus. With it being Lupus Awareness Month, I felt like this would be a great time to talk with her about her business and how she's managed to balance her work and health life for success

Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2018 | Adult Edition Posted on 04 May 01:00 , 0 comments

Moms are one of the most precious and often under appreciated people in our lives. They deserve the best this year We've put together a gift guide to help you show them the love this Mother's Day. Whether you're shopping for your wife, grandmother, own mother, or mother-in-law, we've got you covered. 

Wedding Planning Timeline Posted on 20 Apr 11:30 , 0 comments

First off, congratulations! You're engaged and the excitement is probably buzzing through your entire body like a million butterflies, amirite?! I get it. I've been there. It's a super exciting time. It's also an extremely stressful time. Your wedding to-do list gets longer and longer as the countdown begins towards your perfect day. 

5 Ideas for a Woodland Theme Kids Party Posted on 28 Jan 23:02 , 0 comments

Throw a cute Woodland Theme Kids Party with these decorating, dress up, makeup, and cute animal dessert ideas from

In this post, we’re sharing our favorite woodland theme kids party ideas. We can’t help but fall in love with all the ways to bring a woodland theme kids party to life. Here are five of our favorite ideas for throwing the ultimate woodland theme kids party.

1. DIY woodland theme kids makeup

 Face painting is a fun activity for the beginning of a woodland theme kids party. Hire an artistic teenager or babysitter to help paint. No experience is needed. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to apply makeup that will turn the kiddos into cute animals. Even better, adults can get in on the face paint, too! Below are a few easy to follow tutorials by Pattymac Knits.


Get the step-by-step guides with these links to the reindeer kids makeup tutorial, fox face paint tutorial, and cat makeup tutorial. Catch other animal makeup ideas on Pattymac Knits Youtube channel.

 Throw a cute Woodland Theme Kids Party with these decorating, dress up, makeup, and cute animal dessert ideas from

2. Woodland treats

Fill a dessert table with hedgehog, mushroom, owls, and wild flower cupcakes. The goal is to decorate them so they’re almost too cute to eat. 


For an easy DIY shortcut, buy cupcakes at the store and decorate the tops to fit the woodland theme. Check out our Pinterest board for more woodland theme treat ideas.

Throw a cute Woodland Theme Kids Party with these decorating, dress up, makeup, and cute animal dessert ideas from

3. DIY woodland centerpieces

Wooden logs and mason jars are your best friend if you want to DIY woodland themed kids party centerpieces.


4. Provide woodland theme outfit accessories

Kids love to play dress up. Give them an opportunity to get one more use out of a flower girl dress from a woodland theme wedding, Easter party, or other special occasion, before they grow out of it for good.

Throw a cute Woodland Theme Kids Party with these decorating, dress up, makeup, and cute animal dessert ideas from

5. Teach kids appreciation with woodland theme thank you cards

Thank you cards are a great way to teach kids how to be grateful. The Invite Lady offers a huge selection of woodland baby shower invites with matching woodland thank you cards for kids parties and baby showers.

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm By Laura Radniecki Posted on 11 Dec 00:00 , 0 comments

Summer has come and gone, and fall is in full swing. One trip through any store hints at what is to come; the holidays. The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it a crazy mix of joy, generosity and all too often, stress. Some people hate this season and many people love it. But most will agree that emotions run high and it can easily become a season where the stresses encroach on the joy. In an effort to make the most of the season and truly enjoy this precious, fleeting time of year, here are 5 tips to help you avoid the holiday overwhelm.


5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm


1. Plan ahead financially.

The holidays can be a stressful time in terms of finances with gift giving, holiday travel, parties, and other expenses. Start setting aside money ahead of time to make Christmas shopping less stressful and less of a budget-killer.

2. Plan ahead for travel.

This is especially important for people who split the holidays between different cities (or states). My husband Matt and I are lucky to have both of our families living in the same city as us. Spending Christmas Eve/Day with each of them is as easy as driving 10 minutes in the car.

Many people are not blessed with both sides of the family in the same city, so holidays often require more substantial travel. Decisions have to be made in terms of where will you spend the holiday.

Are you going to travel for the holidays?
How will you travel; drive or fly?
When will you see the other side of the family?

To avoid unnecessary stress, try to make these plans as far ahead of time as possible. Get any discussions or decision-making out of the way before the holiday season begins.

Laura Radniecki LKR_0849_blog

3. Choose a few key activities for the season.

It’s easy to want to do ALL THE THINGS each year during the holiday season.
See Santa, go ice skating, look at Christmas lights, go on a sleigh ride, bake Christmas cookies, do an Advent calendar, make a gingerbread house, go to a nativity play, read the Christmas story, ring the Salvation Army bell, buy Giving Tree presents…

All of these things are fun and make awesome traditions.
But on top of work, school, shopping, travel, and daily life in general, trying to fit ALL of these things into the short holiday season is a surefire way to make you start acting like the grinch and longing for December 26th.

Instead, try choosing a few key activities that you want to do this year. Involve your family in the decision, and decide what things would be the most fun and memorable for you. Choose three that make you the most excited, and make a plan to do them. Put them on the calendar. Schedule them into your life so you make them happen.

If you accomplish them all and there’s still time left in the holiday season (and in your schedule) for more, you can add in something else.

Laura Radniecki LKR_1724_blog

4. Be intentional; mindful of clutter and excess.

This builds on the last point about limiting the number of activities you try to fit into the holiday season. By intentionally choosing a few important activities to do during the busy season, you are setting yourself up to enjoy each one more fully.
This same intentionality applies to material things too. Most of us will agree that we have too much stuff. The quest for minimalism is rampant everywhere these days, and my life and home is no exception. I’m always trying to simplify and get rid of excess clutter. Dropping boxes of donations off at the thrift store is one of my favorite activities.
It’s important to keep the threat of excess in your mind as you approach gift giving this season. Sometimes, less is more.

There are many different ways to approach Christmas gifts. It’s often a personal decision and largely influenced by factors like family budget.

One of the fun gift giving ideas I’ve heard is the Four Gifts idea. Each Christmas, parents buy their kids four things: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Usually, it translates to something fun, something necessary, an item of clothing and a book. This is a great way to get kids things they’ll love, but also to keep the cost and quantity (clutter) under control.

Some families set a dollar limit as a way to control gifts and clutter. Younger kids might have cheaper items on their Christmas list, while older kids may want things that are more expensive. This can sometimes create the opportunity for fights: “He got 10 presents and I only got 5!” But setting a dollar limit can also be a good way of staying within a set budget, especially if clutter is not as much of a concern for you.

The important thing is to find a method that works for your family, and allows you to stay within the financial limits that your family has set, while also controlling the amount of stuff you bring into your house.

A bonus tip: many people try to do another clutter purge after the holidays, in an effort to get rid of excess toys and clothes so they can make room for the new gifts. Some people even go as far as giving away one item for every new gift they’re bringing into their home. This is a surefire way to keep the clutter under control!

Laura Radniecki LKR_1733_blog

5. Enjoy it!

This time of year is fleeting, whether you like it or not.

Pretty soon, the holidays will be a memory. The decorations will be packed away and stored for another year. The Christmas music will stop and stores will display Valentine’s Day and Easter decor.

If this time of year is not your favorite, take heart. Time is passing and it will be over soon. And if you’re one of the people (like me) who LOVES this time of year, know this - time is passing and it will be over soon.

So let’s all do our very best to enjoy this beautiful, crazy time of year for all it’s worth.


The holidays are a season of joy, generosity, commercialism and hilarious craziness that can drive us mad if we aren’t careful. These five tips can help you avoid holiday overwhelm and eliminate Christmas burnout, making sure you arrive to New Years in one piece!


Thank you cards cute critters winter snow penguin



Laura Radniecki UpNorthParent.com_20171025_0019_200x200HeadshotLaura Radniecki is one of two Minnesota moms who make up - a mom-owned parenting website with an Up North focus. The Up North Parent moms believe in thriving families and strong communities, and are fueled by caffeine, sisterhood and lengthy text threads. Laura is married to her high school sweetheart, a mama to her wild son and feisty toy poodle, and obsessed with crafts and donuts with sprinkles. She writes at

Planning Your First Baby Shower Posted on 06 Nov 00:00 , 0 comments

Planning your first baby shower? By the end of this post, you'll feel prepared and confident to plan your very first baby shower. This guide is written by event planner extraordinaire, Jenna Passaro from Sip Bite Go. Jenna is here to help you organize your thoughts and weigh your options.

It can help moms-to-be organize their thoughts about the type of baby shower(s) they want. It’s also a great resource for anyone throwing a baby shower for an expectant mother. Let’s dig in.

Basics to consider when planning your first baby shower

  • How many showers will you have?
  • Where will your baby shower(s) be held?
  • How many people will you invite?
  • Do you need to arrange food?
  • What’s the theme?
  • Want to play games? Will there be prizes?
  • Do you want people to bring books to the baby shower?

Now, let’s dive into some of these big questions. First, one of our favorites...

What's the theme?

The theme can guide many other decisions, starting with the invites. Nautical themes, baby BBQs, and baby animal themes are super popular right now.

Will you have multiple baby showers?

It’s more common than you’d think to have numerous events. Before making solid plans, consider if you will have one big baby shower or a few smaller ones. Many moms-to-be celebrate with multiple baby showers. If you come from a large family or your family lives in different states, you could easily have 2-3 showers. Sometimes a mother and a mother-in-law will throw different showers. It's also common to have a surprise baby shower at work.


Is a coed baby shower right for you?

The conventional all-women baby shower is a thing of the past. Just like weddings, baby showers come in all styles. All-female parties remain popular, but coed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular.

A fun coed baby shower theme is a "Welcome Baby BBQ". The Invite Lady's Baby-Q invites are perfect for this theme. You could do this in your backyard, at a park, or at a beach. It's low-key and can be kid-friendly if you decide to invite families to your event.



What baby shower games can you play?

Ice breakers at baby showers are always fun, and there are so many games to play. If you have daring friends and family, they might be up for "guess the baby food flavor." Just like it sounds, remove the labels from baby food jars and let your guests smell or taste them.

If your group isn’t into eating baby food, try something more traditional. The Invite Lady sells invites with matching baby shower bingo cards if you’re looking for a traditional ice breaker.

Where can you register for baby shower gifts?

You can register at places like Walmart, Amazon, Target, or Babies R Us. As an incentive, some stores give free goodie bags and coupons if you register in person.

BABY SHOWER baby book insert with gold foil by the invite lady

What do you include in the invite?

Once you set a date for your baby shower, it's time to order the invites. Check out The Invite Lady's cute baby shower invitations to find the one that's right for you. In the invites, include all the details for the event and list information for your baby registry. You can also encourage guests to bring books to your baby shower by including a book insert in the invitation. We offer matching invites and book inserts. The gold confetti baby book insert above is one of our top-sellers.

Don’t sweat planning your first baby shower

While The Invite Lady can’t help draft your guest list, you can find a ton of cute and affordable baby shower invites and baby shower games on this site for any theme.

Elegant Baby Names for Boys and Girls Posted on 18 Sep 00:00 , 0 comments

​Elegant baby names via including classic nams for boys and girls!

What makes baby names elegant and why is this trend catching on? An elegant name for their child will carry them through life, no matter which trends come up. The fact that we live in the ever evolving digital age has made people a wee bit nostalgic towards elegant throw-back names.

There is something regal and reassuring about names like Arthur and Elizabeth that a Zac or Tina may not convey.

10 elegant boy names

  1. Ethan
  2. Michael
  3. John
  4. Timothy
  5. Brad
  6. Peter
  7. Andrew
  8. Gavin
  9. Sam
  10. Christopher

10 elegant girls names

  1. Jillian
  2. Michelle
  3. Ethel
  4. Sheila
  5. Laura
  6. Diana
  7. Vivian
  8. Olivia
  9. Isabella


Short middle names for babies are as popular as flamingos, pineapples and tiny dogs. Posted on 14 Aug 00:00 , 0 comments

Well, brevity is the soul of wit, they say, but jokes apart this is a trend that is catching on. The thing is that when it comes to the first name, it is usually influenced by a lot of factors-family tradition, the parent’s own names and the need to make an impact upon the world.

20 short middle names for babies via including name ideas for boys and girls!

Short middle names for boys

    1. Troy
    2. Max
    3. Neil
    4. Nash
    5. Rex
    6. Craig
    7. Todd
    8. Wolf
    9. Wade
    10. Rhett



Short middle names for girls

    1. Anne
    2. Kay
    3. June
    4. Tess
    5. Snow
    6. Rose
    7. Ruth
    8. Wren
    9. Dawn
    10. May


The last name of course is inherited and unless you don’t want your child to carry forward the family name, things are pretty much settled. It is usually the middle name that gives you the leeway to call your child something that truly displays your love and affection and that is usually something short and sweet.</p>

Literary Baby Names Inspired By Authors Posted on 07 Aug 00:00 , 0 comments

Literature has an important role to play in our lives. It shapes character and behavior as well as enriching our lives with knowledge and information. Parents looking to inspire their kids to greatness or instill in them great virtues and character traits are naming kids after literary baby names inspired by authors. It’s nostalgic, and will be fun for the kids when they discover they are inspired by great and influential literature pieces of our time.

20 Baby names inspired by authors via including name ideas for boys and girls!

Literary baby names for boys

    1. Byron
    2. Thoreau
    3. Anton
    4. Atticus
    5. Hermione
    6. Piscine
    7. Henry James
    8. Oscar
    9. Micah
    10. Oliver



Literary baby names for girls

    1. Scarlett
    2. Maya
    3. Anna
    4. Arya
    5. Lisbeth
    6. Esperanza
    7. Hazel
    8. Bianca
    9. Celie
    10. Darcy

Baby names that are Boho, Earthy and Nature-themed Posted on 31 Jul 13:26 , 0 comments

With everyone going green these days, baby names that are boho, earthy and nature-themed are super popular right now.

Baby names that are Boho, Earthy and Nature-themed via including name ideas for boys and girls!

Why nature names?

Well, nature provides us with everything that we need for sustenance from the water that we drink and the food we eat to the air that we breathe. People are really inspired by the environment, and are more environmentally-conscious than ever.

Parents have a crucial role to play in the green movement and they get to do that by giving their children nature-inspired baby names. The significance of these earthy names is that the children grow up connected to the earth. They also learn early that they have a role to play in protecting the environment and their natural surroundings.


Nature-themed names for boys

    1. Forrest
    2. Bear
    3. River
    4. Wolf
    5. Reef
    6. Heath
    7. August
    8. Archer
    9. Kai
    10. Mars


Nature-themed names for girls

    1. Luna
    2. Aurelia
    3. Eden
    4. Olive
    5. Lavender
    6. Juniper
    7. Marlowe
    8. Hazel
    9. Flora
    10. Pearl


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