The Invite Lady…. Starts a Blog

Hello, and greetings from Tampa, Florida… home of humid temps, sunny days, and our boutique turn mid-sized company – The Invite Lady.

I am Shaina, The Invite Lady, and still the main lady behind most of what you see.  Nowadays though, there are a few more people behind the scenes, helping to get things done.

When we first opened, in 2009, it was just me, printing, cutting (by hand on a little guillotine) and packaging everything… now we ship about 400 orders a week, so it takes a few extra sets of hands.

With the extra help, I find myself getting back to doing the thing I love most –create.  This had led to many new cards and product lines…. and now….. this blog.  <3

I hope to bring some great tips, tricks, and things I have learned about the events we create for to you through this blog, as well as share with you a bit about our business and the small piece of the American Dream we have carved out.  Without you, our customers (and hopefully now readers), we would not be where we are at, and it is so important to me to say THANK YOU to our community and buyers each chance we get.

Since I have never blogged before, if there is something you would like to see us cover – an event topic or theme, a subject, etc…. leave us a note or comment, and I will do my best to get on it!

In Love, Light, & Faith,

Shaina, TIL

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