7 Tips from The Invite Lady: Throwing the Perfect Boys Nautical Baby Shower

Congratulations!  You’re expecting a baby boy, and you are ready to celebrate with your family and friends.  You’ve even decided that you would like to let the world know “Ahoy!  It’s a Boy” with a nautical themed baby shower.  Now comes the hard part, right?  Actually planning the shower.

The good news is, that with these 7 simple steps, you can plan the perfect nautical baby shower for your little man, and you won’t have to break the bank (or your back!) to get it done right.

Personalized Invites - Ahoy!  It's a Boy!

Tip #1: Setting the Mood of the Theme – Personalized Invitations  

You want everyone to know from the start that they are invited to a boys nautical shower, and there is no better way to do that than by setting the tone with a personalized nautical theme invitation!  With dozens of variations on the nautical theme, The Invite Lady has something for everyone. ♥

Tip #2: Continuing the Theme – Nautical Decorations  

Welcome guests to your nautical baby shower with themed decorations, many of which are DIY.  One of our favorite decoration ideas is a chalkboard set up with a welcome from the mommy-to-be and the little man on the way.  Simple, and even reusable for your next event!  You can also carry your nautical theme with simple coordinating bold colored napkins,  or add inexpensive accents like twine around the table cloth corners.

Tip #3: Wow Them With the Food – Nautical YummiesNautical Yummies!

This where the DIY lover can really shine!  There are some fantastic quick and easy ways to integrate your nautical theme into the food you serve to guests.  everything for deviled egg sailboats, to crab croissant sandwiches, or bagels striped with cream cheese to make them look like buoys.  You can find many ways to not only fill your guests up, but really wow them with your creativity.

Custom Ahoy! It's a Boy from Custom Cookies by JillTip #4: The Perfect Cake or Cookies
We can’t forget about dessert!  There are many custom cake and cookie creators online (in fact, we are going to feature some of our favorites in future posts), or there is always your local bakery.  There are many ways to find that perfect nautical theme dessert for guests to enjoy!  Some bakeries like Custom Cookies by Jill will even create matching cookies for ANY theme, and ship them to your door!


Make Bringing Diapers a Game for Guests - Nautical Diaper Raffle Tickets

Tip #5: Fun Meets Function – The Diaper Raffle
One of our favorite bits of advice for any baby shower is to host a diaper raffle.  This is always fun for guests, and helps to ensure that the future mommy is stocked with plenty of diapers for her pending arrival!

Tip #6: Leave Them with a Good Taste in Their Mouth! – Nautical Party Favors  

Don’t forget to show your guests your appreciation for attending by having some type of party favor on hand for them.  You can leave them on a table by the front door for guests to take when leaving, or you can “hand deliver” them during the shower.  Favors don’t have to be big (or pricy!), but they should come from the heart, and in this case, from the sea!  This could be something as simple as placing a few Goldfish crackers into a sandwich baggy with a cute matching tag.

Say Thank You with Nautical Themed Style!Tip #7: Say Thank You with Style – Matching Thank You Cards  

And of course, you don’t want to miss out on thanking guests for their gifts!  Show them your gratitude with an adorable matching thank you card.  The extra time and effort that you put in will really show those that you love that you appreciate their thoughtful present!

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you will be sure to host a nautical boys baby shower that will leave your guests happy and glad that they chose to attend. ♥

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